The Race Around Ireland requires a year-around organisational effort. In addition to the tangible things each registered Racer receives, we also provide these all-important intangibles:

  • A meticulously researched route that is safe & challenging
  • A headquarters staffed by 5-10 operators/officials, around the clock for 5 days
  • Over 25 officials on route, ensuring the integrity of the race.
  • Contact with national and local authorities to ensure your safety along the route
  • Promotional exposure for your sponsors and charities
  • Ongoing consultation to support your marketing and cycling efforts

Race Supplies
Each Solo and Team will receive the following items

  • Route Book
  • Rule Book
  • Detailed online route maps and gps files
  • Opportunities along the route to change clothes and shower (for instance at partner Hotels)
  • Magnetic signage and stickers for up to 3 support vehicles, with your personalised racer number. (If you have more than 3 Support Vehicles, you MUST purchase one extra Vehicle Signage Kit for each vehicle)
  • “CAUTION BICYCLES AHEAD” sign for the back of support vehicles
  • Stickers with your race number for the bicycle helmets (but not the reflective tape for the bikes)
  • Finisher’s medal for racers who officially finish
  • Medal for crew who officially finish
  • Trophies for solo and teams that are placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd

If you have more than 3 Support Vehicles, you MUST purchase one Vehicle Signage Kit for each vehicle.

Preparation Materials
The Rule Book and Route Book will have critical information about the race, the route, start logistics, vehicle setup guide, and finish-line logistics and information.
The Registration documents are to help you stay organised with Start paperwork and inspection forms.
The Race Around Ireland website will have an extensive collection of articles and information about preparations and how to do the race: sleep management considerations and strategies, race strategies, vehicle setup, and more.

We know how difficult it can be to simply get to the start-line in an event like this so we are also available to offer support and advice on any questions you may have regarding preparation, planning and logistics.