We have decided to put this page together to showcase some of the riders and crews who have competed in Race Around Ireland. If you are thinking about entering, then this page will give you an idea of what it’s like. 

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Start Line 2018

Joe Barr wins 2018

Paride Miglio – RAI 2018

Start Line 2013

Median Productions – 2012 – Highlights


Michi Hange 2015

Michi Hange 2015 full version

Michi Hange 2014

Jiri Hledik 2014

Bernhard Steinberger 2015


Valerie Zamboni 2011

Joe Barr – 2009

Jan Larsen 2012


Team No Prior Experience 2009 – Fermanagh TV

Speed of Yellow 2013

Strategic Lions 2012 – Median Productions