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Blackblox is a system for tracking vehicles and cargo in real time.  Meeting the highest standards and demands of transportation companies and companies providing passenger and logistic services.  The tracking can be viewed on a PC, tablet or mobile phone.  It is always easy to keep track.

What they do. They create solutions tailored to users needs. Through their own hardware and software development, they create solutions to support their competitive advantage. They listen to their customers and are open to suggestions and to help them continually improve their solutions and services.

Who they are. Blackblox are a team of  innovative and highly motivated people, who pride themselves on their excellent external partners. Their highly proficient team thrives on new challenges and goals, producing effective results with highly original solutions.

Tracking for personal use. As well as being a system for tracking vehicles and cargo in real time, it is the perfect solution for leisure use for individuals and group activities.

GPS Tracking for your sporting event.   Using the BlackBlox GPS-tracking application together with advanced BlackBlox tracking devices enhances the coverage of your sporting events. They offer a superb way to give your fans and media real time insight to what is happening with your event …. from anywhere in the world and from the comfort of their own screen (mobile or desktop).  Athletes and crew can feel more secure while using the tracking device.  What a great way to add value to sponsors.

Primal Europe are one of Europe’s leading suppliers in custom Cycling, Triathlon, Running and Leisure wear. They pride themselves on having the capability of offering 100% guaranteed delivery dates, quick lead times, flexibly minimum order quantities and team store facilities for club members to log on and order direct.

Primal apparel has been extensively tested and refined by cyclists over the past 20 years to withstand the rigors of riding. All Primal products are made with the most advanced components and technologically innovative cuts to provide superior comfort on the bike. Premium fabrics are optimized for superior print-ability to stand the test of time.

Custom Jerseys.  They have an excellent custom jersey department that can create custom jerseys for teams, events and retailers.  At Primal they make the custom order process as easy and fun as possible and it all starts with a quote. All you will need to do is answer a few simple questions and they will  respond in one business day or less with information to help you get started.  Click here to get a quote today.

Who are Primal Europe.    Some are weekend warriors and other others serious athletes, but they all share one thing, they want to get out there and have fun, wild fun.  The clothing they make lets you go out and have as much fun as possible wearing clothing to enhance your performance or just to wear on those days off.  The Primal teams’ mission is to continually improve, learn and grow in all aspects of the cycling industry, meeting daily challenges in unique, fun and creative ways to succeed together as a team.



About Europcar Ireland – Car Rental

Book a car or van rental with Europcar Ireland, a global leader and you can hire a car or a commercial van when travelling to any one of our 3835 rental locations worldwide.

With over 60 years of experience in the industry, you can be sure that whether you are looking for an economy or luxury for a visit to Dublin or Cork, or need a van for a commercial job, Europcar has the vehicle to meet every rental need. There are more reasons than ever to renting a car in Ireland with Europcar, like our range of services; Large fleet selection, Terminal pickup, One Way drop off and Van Rental services.

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OSi_logoWe have a proud tradition of innovation in mapping techniques and we continue to build on that tradition today. Ordnance Survey Ireland products and services are widely used in all sectors of Irish society and our data supports the social, economic, legislative and administrative functions of the state in Ireland. There is a growing recognition among decision makers that a knowledge and understanding of location is a key component in effective decision making. Our website has information on our wide range of products and services, including an educational section for schools and universities. Our updated online shop now allows customers to purchase mapping for both professional and tourist and leisure purposes.






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