As the 2020 race has been cancelled, the information below on registrations for the 2019 Event, is for information purposes only.  We hope that the information is helpful.

Before the event all racers and crew must go through the registration process. The registrations take place in Trim County Meath, on the Friday and Saturday before the event (which starts on Sunday) at half hour intervals.  In advance of this we will send out a link to everyone via email, so that they can book into a specific time, don’t worry you will get advance notice of when the bookings open.
Below is the link to the registration documents that you will need to print, and completely fill out, and bring along to your pre-booked registration time slot.  These are the 2019 documents.

Link to RAI Registration Documents 2019

Link to RAI Rule Book 2019

Information about important times and venues

Friday registrations
09:00 to 16:30 – Registrations

Saturday registrations
09:00 to 13:00  – Registrations
17:00 to 18:00  – Compulsory Crew & Racer Meeting (ALL racers and crew MUST be present at the Crew and racer meeting)
18:15  –  Official launch of Race Around Ireland 2018

Sunday Start at Trim Castle, Trim.
TBC – Start for Teams (8’s 4’s and 2’s)
TBC – Start for Solos and Tandem

Link to Map of race locations 2019

Registration Instructions 2019

The registration documents are to help your pre-race organisation and should help smooth the process of getting everything done at the registration office during your registration. The forms are broken down into sections with instructions for each. (see above link for what is required).

You MUST print out all the forms and bring your completed Registration forms and photocopies of relevant information (e.g. Driver licences/Passports) to the Registration office.  It is NOT necessary for all racers and team members to be at Inspection and Registration, however you will need to nominate at least one person to be present along with all vehicles, bikes, equipment and completed documentation.

If you lose them or forget your documents, there will be a fee of €25 to print you out a new set and to take the time to fill it out the forms again.

Complete the forms with all your information (as far as possible) before you come to the Registration

When you come to Registration you MUST bring all of your paperwork,  the documents will all be gone through carefully with the registration staff at HQ.  Here you will also collect your signage and the Vehicle and Bicycle Inspection will take place directly after the Registration.

Venue: Boyne Community School, Trim, Co. Meath
Individual Registration Times TBC (bookings not open yet)
Duration: Allow 45 minutes

Please Note: This is also the venue for the compulsory Crew and Racer Meeting on Saturday evening.

Be On Time For Your Registration

The Race Staff works non stop on Registration days, so please aim to be there 15 minutes before your allotted time, so you can be READY with all the relevant forms filled out.  A penalty will be awarded for anyone who is late. This penalty will not go towards disqualification but will add on 15 minutes to your overall time. The Crew Chief must be present for the Registration along with all vehicles and bicycles.  Allow 45 minutes for the registration and bike/vehicles checks.

What happens when you arrive at the registration office for check-in?

At check in the Crew Chief will pick up your racer packet, which includes:

  • 1 Route Book
  • 1 Rule Book
  • Dashboard Protocol
  • Call in numbers for HQ
  • Magnetic signage and stickers for up to 3 support vehicles, with your personalised racer number. (If you have more than 3 Support Vehicles, you MUST purchase one extra Vehicle Signage Kit for each vehicle)
  • “CAUTION BICYCLES AHEAD” sign for the back of support vehicles
  • Stickers with your race number for the bicycle helmets (but not the reflective tape for the bikes)
  • Racers Jersey
  • Blackblox GPS Tracker (to be returned at the end of the Race)

The Race Official will go through all documents with the crew chief, signing off each item that has been fully completed.
The Official will go through, signage checklist, the proof of age, vehicle insurance agreement, the drivers’ licences and the release and waiver of liability forms. Please ensure that these are all already filled out and signed along with all relevant photocopies.

The Official will check that the vehicle, bicycle and clothing and wheel inspection forms are all ready for checking at the Vehicle and Bicycle Inspection area.
If there are any outstanding items at the end of all your checks, you will have to come back again at a later stage when they have been sorted out, in order to finally get a Clearance to Race Form signed off.

Dedicated Race Phone
You must have at least one dedicated phone number during the race that we can reach you at, at all times. Bring this phone to the Race Office. We can call it during registration to verify that it works.

You will then proceed to the Vehicle and Bicycle Inspection which will take place in the car park registration area.

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to collect your Race Pack before your allocated time (you may be in the Trim area early), you may do so, this will give you the opportunity to attached your vehicle signage before your inspection time.
We would advise this as it will allow you some time to attach your vehicle signage before your inspection time
There will be extra Rule and Route Books available to purchase on the day.

If you have ordered extra signage please ensure you have the payment with you.

Race Around Ireland Insurance Cover Advice

Rider Licence

It is recommended by Race Around Ireland race director, that riders become a Cycling Ireland member, as they will be appropriately covered for all eventualities under Cycling Ireland insurance “leisure licence” scheme. CLICK HERE for membership. Becoming a member doesn’t just cover riders for the event, but also for some training. If riders are not a member of Cycling Ireland, or are travelling in from overseas, we can supply you with a Cycling Ireland event licence (Included in Entry).

Crew Licence

​Race Around Ireland always recommend that you have your own personal​ injury​ insurance when taking part in events such as the RAI. However, if a​ crew ​​member ​is a member ​of Cycling Ireland “leisure cycling”and above, ​then ​they​ are already appropriately covered for all eventualities under Cycling Ireland.

If ​a crew members do not have personal injury cover, or Cycling Ireland Membership, “leisure cycling”and above, and ​they​ would like to avail of cover through Cycling Ireland, ​they​ can become a supporter for only €20. This will entitle ​crew to​ cover for allCycling Ireland events.

Insurance for vehicles

Race Around Ireland highly recommend that you contact your insurance company(s) or rental company in relation to vehicles being used for the event, and inform them that you will be using your car as a support vehicle in an amateur cycling event between the dates 25thto the 31stAugust.

It is possible to get vehicle cover for all vehicles, including or rentals through Cycling Ireland, Temporary Vehicle Insurance Form. Cycling Ireland charge €30 (€40 non-member) for each vehicle you have covered. It is recommended to contact Cycling Ireland as early as possible especially if using a rental vehicle as you will be required to have the registration of the vehicle To help you with this please contact Cycling Ireland directly.