The Art of Planning for Endurance Racers – An MP3 downloadable product for all endurance athletes, by Alan Heary BSc.

mp3_enduranceFail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail” Roy Keane – Former Republic of Ireland player and Assistant manager to the Irish football team.

When you are in Roy’s company you realise that he lives by this motto and it is one that I feel is vital when it comes to any sport, especially endurance racing.

Performing well in any endurance race requires more than training and nutrition. It requires good planning.

In this high quality one-hour audio program you will be guided through a step-by-step process for preparing and planning for your event. The techniques I share with you on this MP3 are the same ones that my athletes have used to achieve some amazing results.


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These athletes have included:

  • Professional and Olympic cyclists
  • All category road-racing cyclists
  • Endurance Mountain Bikers
  • Marathon runners
  • Race Across America (RAAM) finishers
  • Race Around Ireland teams and solo riders
  • Ironman competitors
  • Mini Marathon runners

How to get the best out of this MP3

In order to get the best from this MP3 I suggest you take some time to sit down and listen to it, maybe with a pen and paper to jot down some notes as you go along.  You can then take each topic and work on it separately yourself. If you have any questions about any of the content on the audio program please feel free to contact me directly on 


What is on this MP3
The Art of Planning for Endurance Racers has 10 tracks:
  1. Introduction to the audio program and what you can expect
  2. Goal Setting introduction
  3. Goal Setting for your event – practical exercise
  4. The first step to success
  5. Building your resources
  6. Building your personal team
  7. Planning your event strategy
  8. How to use imagery
  9. Imagery Session – You are led through an event imagery session
  10. Recap


Why chose to purchase this MP3

If you are planning on taking part in an endurance event this year “The Art of Planning for Endurance Racing is a MUST”.

The step-by-step system outlined in “The Art of Planning for Endurance Racing” is the same one I have used to help teams and solo riders finish the toughest events in the World including Race Across America and Race Around Ireland.

I know that these practical exercises and techniques will help you prepare for your event because they have worked for thousands of other athletes and I have used them to prepare for all my challenges including taking part in RAAM this year.

The Art of Planning for Endurance racers includes case studies and examples from past clients and challenges.

Whether you are preparing to take on your first marathon, an Ironman, race in cycle events or even take on the toughest challenges in the World this audio program will get you started in the right way allowing you can take part with more confidence and focus knowing that you are well prepared!

Bio of Alan Heary

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To purchase this Download for €14.94, click the buy now button.

The audio program will be sent to your email within 24 hours.