Can I do the Race Around Ireland or Irish Ultra Challenge unsupported?
No. You must have a support crew

How many people must I have on my support crew?
You must have a minimum of 3 but we would strongly suggest you have more than this, as your crew will have a lot of responsibilities and they will need to rest also.

What kind of people make good crew members?  Click here for a brief guide

How many support vehicles do I need to have?
You need a minimum of 1 vehicle as it is mandatory to have a vehicle following the rider during hours of darkness.

Can my follow vehicle be a camper van?
No. There are parts of the route which are restricted to campervans under race rules.

Are motorcycles allowed as support vehicles?

How many years have the races been running for?
2019 will be the 11th edition of the Race Around Ireland and the 6th edition of the Irish Ultra Challenge.

What are the race distances?
The Race Around Ireland route is approximately 2,200kms and the Irish Ultra Challenge route is approximately 1,100kms. The distances will remain approximate until the routes are finalised.

What are the time limits for the races?
Race Around Ireland Men Solo: 132 hours
Race Around Ireland Women Solo: 140 hours
Race Around Ireland 2-person: 132 hours
Race Around Ireland 4-person and 8-person: 96 hours
Irish Ultra Challenge Mens Solo: 68 hours
Irish Ultra Challenge Womens Solo: 72 hours

What are the average speeds required to finish within the time limit?
Race Around Ireland Men Solo: 16.66km/h
Race Around Ireland Women Solo: 15.71km/h
Race Around Ireland 2-person: 16.66km/h
Race Around Ireland 4-person and 8-person: 22.92km/h
Irish Ultra Challenge Mens Solo: 16.18km/h
Irish Ultra Challenge Womens Solo: 15.28km/h

Remember that once the clock starts at the beginning of the race, it doesn’t stop until you reach the finish line. This means that the average speeds will include any stoppages.

Is the route marked?
No. Part of the challenge of a race like this is navigation.  Click here for information about the route.

How do we navigate?
The primary method of navigation is by using the highly detailed routebook which you will be supplied with at the start. You will also receive an atlas which has the route marked on it. The atlas is useful for crew planning. GPS navigation is also a very useful tool but the routebook should be the main tool for navigation.

Can I change crew members during the Race?
Yes, however the race organisation must be supplied with all relevant details and paperwork before the race begins.

What does the pre-race Registration and Inspection consist of?
Registration and Inspection will take place over the course of the Friday 24th August and Saturday 25th August 2018 and Saturday at Race H. Each racer or team is allocated a half hour slot. You can select your time slot once you have entered the race. These time slots will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. All racers and crew are not required to be at the Registration and Inspection but at least one representative must be present with all documentation, bikes, vehicles and other relevant equipment.  Click here for registration information.

What is the Racer and Crew meeting?
The Racer and Crew meeting will take place on the evening of Saturday 25th August 2018 (venue to be confirmed). It is mandatory for all racers and crew members to be present at this meeting as we will be going through some important aspects of the race and last minute details.

Where and when does the Race start?
The Race will begin on Castle Street in Trim, Co. Meath on Sunday 26th August 2018, start times to be confirmed. Solo racers and teams will leave the startline at 3 minute itervals. The start order is TBC.

What happens if one of the racers on our team can’t take part for some reason?
You can change racers as much as you want before Registration and Inspection. A 4-person team can start the race with 3 or 4 racers and an 8-person team can start with between 5 and 8 racers.

Do all racers on a team need to finish?
No. A team needs just one racer to complete the race in order to be classed as official finishers.

Are Time Stations manned?
No, however some Time Stations will be at hotels where showers will be available for racers and crew members.
The Connemara Lake Hotel, in Oughterard, TS 10.
The Sneem Hotel, in Kerry.

Where can I find information on training and preparation?
Please check our ‘How to Prepare’ page.  If you are unsure of anything in the lead up to the race, please contact us and we will do our best to assist with any queries.

Please make sure you have read and understand the rules which are available to view here

The start and finish like are both in Trim, Co.Meath. Please click here to get some information about accommodation in the Trim area