Cancellation of RAI 2022

We took the decision at the start of January to cancel this year’s event. The emergence of the new variant over the Christmas and the uncertainty of restrictions had made it difficult for riders and crews to organise everything needed to undertake Race Around Ireland. This meant that a number of participants felt they wouldn’t be in a position to take part this year, and had subsequently withdrawn.

It is never an easy decision for riders to withdraw from events and we completely understand their position. We know how difficult it is for riders and crews to plan for an event that could take up to 5 days to complete. Taking on a multi-day event like Race Around Ireland is a huge commitment, in both finance and time, and you want to make sure you can organise everything that is required, from training to logistics.

We, as an organisation, also want to ensure that we can run the safest and best event, and we don’t feel that we can organise and run the Race Around Ireland with the with the participant numbers.

We are, however, still going to be very much involved with Ultra Cycling in Ireland.

Race Around Ireland was originally set up to introduce ultra-cycling to Ireland when we had competed in the Race Across America in 2008, and had such an amazing experience that we decided to bring an ultra-cycling event like this to Ireland.

Since our inaugural event in 2009 we feel proud to say that we have accomplished the goal of bringing ultra-cycling to Ireland. People now have a fantastic opportunity to try out this amazing sport, not just competing in Race Around Ireland, but taking part in some of the other wonderful ultra-cycling events there are now in Ireland.

Riders and crews have a great choice of races in which to compete, including the 24-hour event in Mondello, the Joe Barr races, the Mayo Ultra, and the Donegal555. This is really a fantastic time for all cyclists in Ireland to experience the camaraderie and sheer excitement of taking on these big challenges, and we would recommend these events to everyone.

It is also great to see so many Irish riders, and teams taking on international ultra-cycling events, including RAAM. Our mission has always been to introduce and promote ultra-cycling in Ireland, and this has not changed. We may not be organising the event, but we will continue to help grow the sport, and the legacy of Race Around Ireland.

We aim to do this in 5 ways:

  1. Promote all ultra-cycling events in Ireland and overseas
  2. Enter RAI club teams into events in Ireland and around the world
  3. Give advice to those taking on ultra-cycling events
  4. Organise a yearly Virtual Race Around Ireland Challenge
  5. Create a ‘Race Around Ireland Route Challenge’

The new ‘Race Around Ireland Route Challenge’ will give cyclists an opportunity to complete the race route within one year and receive an official Race Around Ireland Challenge completion medal. More details to follow soon.

With regards to Race Around Ireland, the plan is that the 5-day race will come back in the future, but currently the resources are not there to make the event the experience that we want it to be for all participants.

We look forward to seeing you on our other challenges.