You don’t HAVE to cycle 2,200km to become part of one of the toughest bike races in the world.

1672018 is the 10th year of the event and, with many countries taking part, there are many internationally acclaimed endurance cyclists aiming to take maximum world cup points.

Equally, there are many other riders who are taking on this challenge to raise money for many different charities. We want to see them have the best experience possible and our volunteers are a huge part of that experience.

Volunteers help in key areas:

Start line marshals – The race starts once again in Trim and volunteers help with set up and directing traffic.

This is always an exciting time as the competitors and their crew and followers are at the start line, full of enthusiasm.

volunteer headquartersRegistration personnel – Participants will be arriving in Moynalty in Meath on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th for vehicle and bike check and registration. We need volunteers who can aid with this registration, checks on bikes and vehicles, as well as people who can help with parking.

Headquarters personnel – During the race the riders are going 24/7. Headquarters personnel take calls from the teams as they pass the time stations en route. We are looking for volunteers who can answer these calls on 6-hour shifts. You really are at the heart of the race and the link between the riders and their fans.

i is for inspections 5Time Station personnel –
 There are 21 Time Stations dotted around the country where riders or their crew must call back to headquarters to check in. These are perfect locations to meet the racers and crews. We would love to have fans of the race involved; to be a friendly face for participants at these locations and maybe be in a position to give some advice about the local area if needed. The competitors and crews are always delighted to meet people at time stations (and indeed anywhere along the route). As the race continues it can be a lonely enough journey, especially for foreign competitors.

This Link provides a broad estimate of when the first and last Solos and Teams might arrive at a particular Time Station. During the race we provide estimates of when each racer might arrive at a particular Time Station.

Part time race officials – Watch the 24-hour tracking and you will see when the riders are approaching your area. Then you can go out and be an official at a particular junction or section of the road. Your job is not to stop traffic but more to make sure the riders are following the Rules of the Road and Race Around Ireland Rules. Check Out This Link to see when riders are expected to go through your area.

Joe Roche volunteerFull time driving race officials – Drive the full route, monitoring the participants and ensuring adherence to the Rules of the Road and Race Around Ireland Rules. You get to visit parts of Ireland that you may have never seen before. Volunteering for this really does put you in the thick of the action all the way around. Fuel expenses are covered.

What you get as a volunteer:

  • Free Official Race Around Ireland T-shirt for ALL volunteers
  • Refreshments for headquarter personnel
  • Fuel expenses for full time driving race officials
  • Become part of an extraordinary experience

If you or your club/organisation would like to get involved please contact us by email –