Registration Instructions 2018

The registration documents are to help your pre-race organisation and should help smooth the process of getting everything done at the registration office during your registration. The forms are broken down into sections with instructions for each. (see above link for what is required).

You MUST print out all the forms and bring your completed Registration forms and photocopies of relevant information (e.g. Driver licences/Passports) to the Registration office.

If you lose them or forget them, there will be a fee of €25 to print you out a new set and to take the time to fill it out the forms again.

Complete the forms with all your information (as far as possible) before you come to the Registration

When you come to Registration you MUST bring of all your paperwork,  the documents will all be gone through carefully with the registration staff at HQ.  Here you will also collect your signage and the Vehicle and Bicycle Inspection will take place directly after the Registration

Venue: Moynalty Steam Threshing Museum, Moynalty, Co. Meath
Time: This will be arranged via email
Duration: Allow 45 minutes

Please Note: The Inspections and Finish line are both at the same place – Race HQ – (if you are coming to Moynalty from the direction of Kells on the R164, the museum is on the left just before the village of Moynalty).

Be On Time For Your Registration

The Race Staff works non stop on Registration days, so please aim to be there 15 minutes before your allotted time, so you can be READY with all the relevant forms filled out. A penalty will be awarded for anyone who is late. This penalty will not go towards disqualification but will add on 15 minutes to your overall time. The Crew Chief must be present for the Registration along with all vehicles and bicycles.

What happens when you arrive at the registration office for check-in?

At check in the Crew Chief will pick up your racer packet, which includes:

Vehicle Signage – Numbers for your vehicles
Stickers for Helmet
Dashboard Protocol
Call in numbers for HQ
Caution Cyclists Ahead Sticker for back of follow vehicles
Route book – 1 copy
Rule Book – 1 copy

The Race Official will go through all documents with the crew chief, signing off each item that has been fully completed.
The Official will go through, signage checklist, the proof of age, vehicle insurance agreement, the drivers’ licences and the release and waiver of liability forms. Please ensure that these are all already filled out and signed along with all relevant photocopies.

The Official will check that the vehicle, bicycle and clothing and wheel inspection forms are all ready for checking at the Vehicle and Bicycle Inspection area.
If there are any outstanding items at the end of all your checks, you will have to come back again at a later stage when they have been sorted out, in order to finally get a Clearance to Race Form signed off.

Valid Race Phone
You must have at least one dedicated phone number during the race that we can reach you at, at all times. Bring this phone to the Race Office. We can call it during registration to verify that it works.

You will then proceed to the Car and Bicycle Inspection which will take place in the car park registration area.

Link to Map of race locations 2018  

Racer and crew meetings take place on Saturday 25th August 2018  

The exact time and  venue are to be confirmed.

The race starts on Sunday 26th August 2018 in Castle Street, Trim, Co. Meath