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Race Around Ireland Crew Guide Added 16/10/13



The Art of Planning for Endurance Racers (Alan Heary, Race Director) This is a one-hour audio program, guiding you through a step-by-step process for preparing and planning for your event. 


Some of the following articles are links to the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association Website and will cover most things you will need to know about preparing for Ultra Distance Cycling. We also recommend that you join the association and avail of their newsletter, which has tips and advice for all your long cycling needs.


Choosing an Ultra Bike (Lon Haldeman)
Andy Pruitt on Bike Fit (John Hughes)



Eating For a Century, Brevet or Double Century– Food to eat for a big event (Susan Barr)
Nutrition for a Century or Double — Daily nutrition is as important as training (Jenny Hegman)
Eating for Endurance — Ten Mantras for Endurance Cyclists (Susan Barr)
Fueling for Endurance — Ten Mistakes Endurance Athletes Make and How You Can Avoid Them. (Steve Born)
Meeting caloric requirements — Maintaining fluid and energy balance on long rides (Susan Barr and John Hughes)
Simple Sugars — Common Questions about Sugars and the Glycemic Index (Jenny Hegman)
The Glycemic Index (Jenny Hegman)
Cold Weather Training Can Be Costly — How cold weather alters fluid and nutritional requirements during exercise. (Edmund R. Burke)
Low blood sodium — Hyponatremia (Lulu Weschler)
Water and Salt Intake During Exercise — Hyponatremia: How To Recognize, Treat And Prevent It. (Lulu Weschler)
Electrolytes and Fluid Replacement: Any Debate? — Maintaining proper electrolyte levels in endurance athletes is critical to performance. (Kevin Setnes and Karl King)
Riding in the Heat — A Case Study (John Hughes)



Distance Training for Beginners (Janice Tower)
Your First 24 Hour Ultra Race (Lisa Marie Dougherty)
Training for 12 and 24 Hour Ultra Races (part 1, part 2) (Merry Vander Linden)
From the Field: How RAAM Riders Train (Bernie Comeau)
Intensity Training for Ultra Racers (Pete Penseyres)
Muscle Cramps — How to prevent, break and flush muscle cramps (Lulu Weschler)
Indoor Training (Part 1, Part 2) — The training program for indoor conditions. (Joshua Simonds)
Eliminating the Show Stoppers (John Hughes)
Recovery for Long-Distance Cyclists (Part 1, Part 2) (Ed Burke and John Hughes)


Navigation – A video by Alan Heary

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep_Deprivation_and_Military_Operation_part_2-21467 – Coping With Sleep Deprivation on Operations by Don Stevenson RKC

Video by Alan Heary with sleep advice

Sleep and Recover Mp3 used by Alan’s team in RAAM is available here