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On Sunday 30th of August 2015, cyclists from all over the world will line up in Trim, County Meath, to take on the 7th Race Around Ireland and the Irish Ultra Challenge (formerly the ‘Race Around Ireland 1100′). In the shadow of the imposing Trim Castle the riders will prepare themselves for one of the toughest cycling challenges in the world.

The Race Around Ireland is regarded as one of the toughest cycling challenges in the world and will take the racers on a 2,150km journey past some of the most stunning scenery in Ireland. The route will take you past Newgrange, The Causeway Coast, Malin Head, The Cliffs of Moher, The Ring of Kerry, Mizen Head, the Garden County (Wicklow) and back to Navan in County Meath and ALL within a week.

The Irish Ultra Challenge is a 1,100km race and is seen as being the perfect stepping-stone into the world of ultra-cycling.

Both events are open to solo racers, open bike solo racers, tandems, 2-person, 4-person teams and 8-person teams. While the solo category is aimed at serious athletes, the team categories are very open to cyclists of all abilities. The team categories are also ideal for corporate teams as they offer the opportunity for a unique and highly effective form of team-building aswell as offering the opportunity to align the race with the CSR strategies of your organisation.

The Race Around Ireland is a qualifying event for the Race Across America. The Race Around Ireland and the Irish Ultra Challenge are both rounds of the UMCA Ultra Cup and the Race Around Ireland is also a round of the UMCA World Cup.

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Why take part in the Race Around Ireland?

  • To participate in a recognised World Cup Event
  • To challenge yourself, your friends or your work colleagues
  • To experience the ultimate sense of achievement
  • To see Ireland like you never have before
  • To raise money for your favourite charity
  • To qualify for RAAM

  • Solo (Men, Women)
  • Open Bike (Men, Women) [Elliptical bikes, recumbents, etc]
  • Tandem (Men, Women, Mixed)
  • Two Person Team (Men, Women, Mixed)
  • Four Person Team (Men, Women, Mixed)
  • Eight Person Team (Men, Women, Mixed)

 Brief Description of the Race

Race Around Ireland is part of the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association (UMCA) World Cup series which includes other huge endurance races such as The Race Across America. Indeed it has now become one of the most prestigious events on the Ultra-Cycling World-Cup Calendar and is widely recognised as Europe’s most challenging endurance event.






Unlike other cycling races such as the RÁS or the Tour de France, the course is in no way roped off.  There are no marshals controlling traffic flow and there are no planned rest stops or stages in this event.  Once the clock starts at the starting time, it won’t stop until each rider reaches the finish line at the end of the 2,190 km circuit. Time Stations are set at approximately 40 to 80 miles apart.  At each Time Station, the crew phone into Race Headquarters and report the racers location and time of arrival.   This information will be posted on the Race Around Ireland website and it will allow the officials and the racers followers, to track the cyclists progress around the country. Live gps tracking also allows supporters anywhere in the world to follow the progress of the race. The Race Around Ireland Team thanks all its Sponsors and Partners, without whom this amazing event would not be possible.    teddyanddhl
This race was pretty much the best thing ever! Not just the great cycling challenge and experience, but also the sheer buzz of road-tripping it around the entire island and having the craic with a great support crew along the way. When my collection of lifetime best memories reaches its final state hopefully 60+ years from now, the Race Around Ireland will be up there fighting for the honours, of that I have no doubt! 

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